Sarah Snow

EVP of Unscripted Production

Sarah’s first position in Los Angeles was as the Director of Development for Roger Corman’s New Horizons Pictures. She created and implemented the social media marketing strategy for Sharktopus, and caused the project to trend on Twitter for ten hours on the day of its release. When Roger appointed her as assistant director on Attack of the Fifty Foot Cheerleader, Sarah discovered her passion for the production department. Sarah was the first to see potential and option the rights to Slender Man back in 2011. She was the first producer to turn a meme into a franchise, and largely accomplished this through savvy legal work, careful publicity, and ancillary product strategy, including the popular game Slender: The Arrival and a book, Slender Man, published by Harper Collins. Sarah has served as Assistant Director, Producer, Associate Producer, and Production Manager on over 50 projects, ranging from theatrically released motion pictures to commercials and episodic television series.